Social Security Disability

Managing Your Social Security Disability Concerns

If your Social Security disability claim has been denied, it may seem like you do not have any options — but you do. Talking with an attorney can help you understand your options and manage your disability claim effectively.

At the Law Office of Vincent N. Amendola Jr., LLC, in West Haven, Connecticut, we help disabled people throughout Connecticut get the Social Security disability benefits they deserve. Our law firm represents people in Social Security disability appeals.

Filing a Disability Claim Can Seem Overwhelming. We Take Control.

The process of filing a successful Social Security disability claim can seem overwhelming. In order to receive your benefits, you must have your medical records in order — communicating exactly how your disability qualifies you for benefits under Social Security disability law. Our law firm uses years of experience to correctly compile this information. We offer accurate, honest and complete legal representation to coordinate information from treating doctors and to present that information in a persuasive manner.

When Your Claim Has Been Denied, We Appeal

Many — if not most — Social Security disability claims are denied the first time around. If your claim has been denied, the Law Office of Vincent N. Amendola Jr., LLC, can help you file a successful appeal that helps you get the benefits you deserve.

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