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Defective Railings and Stairs

When You Have Been Injured by Defective Railings and Stairs

Homeowners, social hosts and establishment owners have a duty to maintain safe premises and to give proper warnings when dangerous conditions exist on their property.

When they fail to do this, and when this failure causes an injury, they must be held responsible for the injuries that happen on their property. This is especially true with slip and fall injuries, like those caused by defective railings and stairs.

At the Law Office of Vincent N. Amendola Jr., LLC, in West Haven, Connecticut, we focus on holding property owners responsible for the personal injuries on their property. Our attorney offers accurate, honest and complete legal representation that gets results for our clients.

What an Investigator Can Tell You

At the Law Office of Vincent N. Amendola Jr., LLC, we often work with an experienced investigator to uncover the conditions present at the scene of a slip and fall accident.

A thorough investigation often helps preserve evidence of the true cause of the injury, like broken stairs or ineffective railings. It also may reveal that the property owner had notice of the dangerous conditions because others had been injured on them before.

Taking Slip and Fall Cases to Trial

An investigator’s work can greatly help your case, allowing you to hold property owners accountable for the injuries that occur on their property. Often, it leads to a favorable settlement. While settlement is sometimes the best option, we will not advise you to accept settlement offers that will not fully and fairly compensate you for your injuries.

In fact, we prepare each slip and fall case like it is going to trial. When going to trial will help you achieve the best possible results, we use our litigation experience to advocate for you in front of judges and juries.

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Whether your have been injured in a slip and fall accident, fallen down the stairs or suffered injuries due to a defective railing, talk about your legal concerns with a lawyer. Contact the Law Office of Vincent N. Amendola Jr., LLC, by calling 203-680-8710 to schedule a confidential consultation. You may also complete our online contact form.

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